DexShell Wudhu Socks


DexShell Wudhu Socks

waterproof, breathable and durable wudhu socks 
Dexshell wudhu socks are ideal for daily ablutions in muslim life. They are 100% waterproof, highly breathable  allowing sweat and moisture out, and very durable allowing the wearer to walk long distances without tearing or holes appearing, the socks are comfortable to use within both regular sizes shoes and boots.
The wudhu (mozah) socks are perfect replacement for conventional leather socks (khuffs). islamic scholars and ulema have approves their use as an alternative to khuffs in washing before prayer in accordance with relevant islamic laws.
Wash Care Instructions 
hand washed and machine washable below 40 degrees celcius. Drip Dry.
Do not Twist. Do not Iron. Do not dry out on any heat source


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